About Orrington

Incorporated in 1788, the Town of Orrington is located at the southern tip of Penobscot County nestled on the mighty Penobscot River between Brewer and Bucksport.

Once a bustling economic center, as were many of the coastal river towns, today Orrington is a predominately rural and agricultural community with a distinct "multi-village" character. This is typified by clusters of residential development in North Orrington, Orrington Corner, East Orrington, South Orrington, and BrewerLake, while the majority of land is dedicated to farming, forestry and open space.

Orrington’s great natural resources include the Penobscot River, BrewerLake, Fields Pond, Swetts Pond and several streams. These plus liberal access to much of the open space provide residents with excellent recreational opportunities. Recreation is further enhanced by the activities of the Conservation Commission and Recreation Committee.

The major transportation link through Orrington is the River Road, most commonly known as US Route 15, which connects to Interstate 395 in Brewer and Interstate 95 in Bangor.

Our current population is approximately 3,622 up from 3,309 in 1990 and 1,216 in 1900. We have a K - 8 elementary school and offer a choice of area High Schools. There are five churches in town and several active social and civic groups.

Orrington is one of the highest per capita income communities on PenobscotCounty, while enjoying one of the lowest property tax rates. The major employer is the Penobscot Energy Recovery Company (PERC) a trash to electricity facility. There are more than 100 small and home business enterprises in Orrington. The majority of residents work in the nearby communities of Bangor, Brewer, and Bucksport. As one of the 13 communities making up the Bangor Statistical Metropolitan Service Area, Orrington has been successful in preserving its independent and rural character while avoiding the bedroom community distinction.