The Assessor comes under the direrection and certification of the State Tax Assessor, MRS.  The Assessor is responsible for making sure that the overall property tax burden is distributed fairly and equitably in accordance with market value. 

The Assesor esstablished all assessments, property owner status, sales data, applicable property tax exemptions and parcel maps on an annual basis on the status as of April 1st. 


Our Assessor is in the office on Thursday from 8-4:00 PM and the Assistant Assessor is in the office Tues - Thurs from 8 - 4:00 PM.  We welcome anyone to come in and reveiw their assessment record, tax map parcel and may ask any questions regarding property tax administration 


Assessor:  Benjamin Birch, CMA  

Assistant Assessor:  Mary Lynne Hunter, CMA

Telephone:  207-825-3340, ext. 5

Fax:  207-825-4138

A combined set of tax maps can be accessed from the link below.  Individual maps are located under "Tax Information".