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Emergency Management & Health Officer


The health and safety of those who live, work in and visit Orrington is dependent upon many people. Everyone contributes to the wellness of our community.

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Health Officer: Dean Bennett

Emergency Preparedness Director: Scott Stewart




Please click on the above link for important information.  Snow may not be pushed into and left in public roadways.  Public safety and services are dependent upon your help with this state law.

Who Makes Up Our Health & Safety Team?

The Team is made up of many people, including but not limited to the Town Health Officer, Dean Bennett (who is appointed by the Selectmen, required by State Statute and will soon need to be Certified by the Maine CDC); the Town of Orrington Fire & Rescue Department members (who respond to medical emergencies); our Orrington Community Policing Deputies (who respond to calls for emergencies) and your Selectmen (who establish guidelines and approve preliminary budgets).


On Monday, August 27, 2007, the Selectmen voted to adopt the National Incident Management System.  This Nationally prescribed method of Incident Command shall be used at all incidents or events which may occur in our town.

Immunizations - Childhood & Adult

You will find links here for information on basic childhood and adult immunizations as well as a link for those who are traveling out of the country.


Please remember your first line of defense from illness is vaccines for vaccine preventable disease, followed by hand washing!

Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine should be obtained in the month of October or as late as January to February (especially if travel is planned).  To find out more open this link.

Emergency Preparedness

Do YOU know what to do in an Emergency?  It is important that you and your family prepare for emergencies before they happen!


Inside this section you will find hints, basic information and links to web sites so that you can better prepare for an emergency.