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Commercial Development At Snows Corner

Economic Development

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Town Manager, Chris Backman can be reached at

Orrington's Economic Development Program is the responsibility of the Town's Elected Officials, the Selectmen, and consists of five elements:

1. Business Retention

2. Business Attraction

3. Community Preparedness For Economic Development

4. Grant Identification

5. Grant Writing

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The Selectmen are aided in this work by the various Municipal Departments and Planning Board and guided by the recommendations of the Selectmen's Economic Advisory Committee.


The Selectmen's Economic Advisory Committee is staffed by concerned residents and professionals with experience in real estate, banking and industry. 


The SEAC Committee, with assistance from Harriman Associates, completed a comprehensive Strategic Economic Development Plan in 2002. With input from residents at public hearings and results of a survey, this plan identified viable strategies, an action plan and resources for implementation.

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Economic Development Grants Available For Businesses

Public Infrastructure

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